About Us

Hey bro, thanks for checking out our site! We are BC skateparks! The first ever skate park that we’ve been to is actually our school backyard. It was not even a skate park.

We built our very own ramp for $80. Pretty decent, right? If you’re looking for ways to make your own stuff, we’ve got your back.

Also, if you want to improve your skills, you can check out the many posts we have on the blog. They will help you tremendously in becoming a much better skater.

We have made some great friends in the US and Canada as well. Every now and then, we invite them to be guests on our blog. Be sure not to miss those special episodes.

Introducing Ourselves

William K. Montalvo, Pro Rider

Hey, what’s up! I am a professional skateboarder. Unlike some other skaters that you may have seen, I am not stuck up at all.

I love it where the skate park is a place where everyone feels comfortable learning and doing tricks. I don’t want it to be a place like the gym, you know. Fat people never hit the gym because six-pack-abs guys can be too intimidating.

You can think of BC skatepark as a space where you and your friends can go to, talk about your experiences, share with others, and get your questions answered. You’ll love this place.

Efren V. Cohen, Carpenter

I make my own boards at my wood shop. Thanks to my background in woodworking, I can show you some awesome tricks on maintaining your boards. Yes, the whole deck of a skateboard is made out of wood. In my freetime, I hang out with the bros at the skatepark. I also enjoy writing for the blog here.

Darlene J. Perkins, Admin

Hello, I’m the admin of BC skatepark. From my experience in skatepark, I often see skaters get angry with other skaters and some even start a fight.

You will not see any other places talk about these real-world problems. But once they happen, you’ve got to handle them. And I will show you exactly how.

Also, don’t be discouraged if you’re not yet as good as your fellow riders. There are motivational words you can tell yourself to get better everyday. I will be your instructor.

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